To our english readers.

To our english readers.
The Corona situation is now dramatic across the country. Municipal Director of Øystre-Slidre Municipality, Jostein Annestad wrote this March 12.

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Corona infection prevention measures in Øystre Slidre kommune.

Based on the National Authorities and our own judgements, the Kommune has decided
infection prevention measures in Øystre Slidre municipality. Local measures are in addition to
national measures and advices. The measures by now will be: (the list may be updated at any
Kommune -buildings:
• All buildings are closed for all other use than the Kommune activity.
Sjukeheimen (Nursing home):
• Visits to the Sjukeheimen and public care homes shall be restricted to the strictly
necessary. There will be access control.
Primary school, kindergarten:
• Remote lessons is to be conducted from March 13. and until further notice for 8.-10.
grade. Classes 1.-7. grade and kindergarten will be all closed from March 13. A care
nursery for 1.-4. Grade and kindergarten children will be conducted for employees
working in socially critical functions in accordance with key directives. More
information about this will come on the these pages …
Youth club and culture school:
• Closed until further notice
• Closed until further notice
Voluntary work etc.:
• All sports and cultural events are cancelled.
• Avoid social gatherings like birthdays, family meeting, parites etc.
Measures for all employees in the Kommune:
• We ask that everyone wash their hands thoroughly with soap at least 5 times each day,
Wash hands when you arrive your workplace and when you get home. Use Antibac if
water and soap are not available.
• Keep hands away from mouth/face.
• When cuffing/sneezing, use paper handkerchief , that you then throw safely away.
Alternatively, use inner of elbow.
• No hand greetings, no hugging, no body contact.
• Maintain quarantine rules
• Employees that can use home office solutions should use this and stay home. Your
leader will help you to set up this.
• Bring packed lunches from home and eat only in smaller groups.
• Trips related to work overseas related to work is cancelled and trips to areas in
Norway with many contaminated should be avoided. Avoid flights domestically.
• Avoid as far as possible meetings, courses and seminars with more than 15
These measures are based on national recommendations and our own judgements.
This information and further information will be released on the website of the
Kommune and on the intranet for general measures for the employees on each

Heggenes, 12. mars 2020, updated at 1500
Jostein Aanestad

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